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Fowlie Drops Double Delight: "Want It Back" and "Take Cover" Unleashed Today

Oakland, CA, February 2, 2024 — Today, the music landscape experiences a seismic shift as Fowlie, the genre-defying songstress, releases not one but two electrifying singles: "Want It Back" and "Take Cover." Both tracks are produced by the maestro himself, King Benny, aka Benny Wonder, promising an auditory journey that transcends expectations.

"Want It Back": A Swaggy Breakthrough

The first of the duo, "Want It Back," marks a significant milestone for Fowlie. This track sees her venture into rap for the first time while seamlessly intertwining soulful vocals. The Caribbean-infused hook, coupled with 2016 Rihanna and Travis Scott vibes, creates a magnetic energy meant to empower and evoke unapologetic swagger. Fowlie's versatility shines as she effortlessly transitions from rap verses to melodic hooks. Brace yourselves for a breakthrough anthem that challenges norms.

Listen to "Want It Back": Magnet Link

"Take Cover": A Party Anthem Born from Experience

"Take Cover" emerges as a vibrant party anthem, drawing inspiration from Fowlie's unforgettable trip to Beyoncé's Renaissance concert with her childhood bestfriend. Infused with Santigold's pop-electronic influences, the track invites listeners to immerse themselves in an energetic sonic celebration. The song became a personal triumph for Fowlie, encouraging her to embrace life's joys. "Take Cover" song offers a musical odyssey that propels the listener into a realm of liberation and unbridled joy. A word of caution: this song might inspire an adventurous spirit, so approach it with care, especially when operating vehicles.

Listen to "Take Cover": Magnet Link

About Fowlie: Fowlie, known for defying musical norms, seamlessly blends genres to craft a sound uniquely her own. With her latest releases, she invites audiences to join her on a musical journey, where empowerment meets infectious sounds.

Connect with Fowlie:

Today, Fowlie's double release signifies not just a musical moment but a cultural shift. Experience the swag and revel in the celebration as "Want It Back" and "Take Cover" pave the way for Fowlie's upcoming album, "Celestial," set to drop on March 1, 2024.

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